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For enterprise and home networking, Adant provides the necessary additional bandwidth to significantly cut the number of access points that are required to service a building, a residence or campus – often by as much as 50 percent compared to alternative solutions.
Adant solution not only guarentees whole-building coverage, interference-resiliency and enough throughput to connect multiple devices at the wireless network but also carries multiple HD streams while maintaining zero packet loss conditions.


The dramatic growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) is changing our world. The deployment of IoT networks is becoming pervasive in both the residential and industrial sectors. Users expect reliable connectivity, long range and low power consumption to save on battery life. Adant technology applied to IoT enhances the quality of the signal and ensure long distance transmissions at reduced power.


Laptop can improve their performance by embedding Adant technology. Thanks to Adant compact antenna system, pc manufacturer will increase download/upload speed, halve power consumption and create smaller and flatter product design.

Customer Electronics

Digital products such as game consoles, video cameras, smartphones and tablets are now part of people's daily life.
Users expect to use them all day long, getting the best performance from their connections and applications. Adant technology applied to these products not only guarantees better coverage and data transfer speed, but also extends battery duration so users will enjoy their digital products all day long without unpleasant switch off.

3G Offload

For phone carrier services, Adant is the perfect solution for offload data traffic from 3G networks. Adant technology allows the cost-effective extension of carrier-branded broadband services creating more robust multimedia hotspots.


Adant solution can be successfully applied to a variety of scenarios like supply chain, warehouse, manufacturing, retail, asset and people tracking and medical applications. The RFId reading reliability is greatly enhanced through the usage of Adant system, while providing ease of installation.


IPTV is changing home video entertainment and its related applications (interactivity, video-on-demand, multi-user connections, triple and quadruple play service) demand for new approach and stringent technology requirements. Users expect lag-free image, high resolution and reliable content, thus the quality of the video/audio throughput are crucial to achieve consumer's satisfaction. Adant technology applied to IPTV enhances the quality of the signal and pushes this technology on wireless set-top-box with no more need of a jungle of HDMI wires.

The market

We are living a great technology empowerment: in the last 10 years people started doing things that were unthinkable before, such as: reading newspapers on their mobile, watch their favourite movies on-demand on IPTV or personal computer, work with their laptop everywhere relying more and more on wireless connection.
At the same time, RFID usage and demand is increasing thanks to its low cost and high detection reliability. Traffic management, logistic, transportation, domotic and people tracking are some applications that are adopting this technology and that will benefit from it.
At Adant we are conviced that this great empowerment needs a strong and reliable technology able to support it and to encourage further developments.

Adant revolution

Adant represents a revolutionary approach to the communication technology system: the company develops and markets a novel class of reconfigurable antenna systems that revolutionarize and match next generation wireless communications challenge.
While standard antennas radiate the energy in a fixed direction, Adant solution allows a single radiation structure to behave as several antennas with different radiation properties. Adant patented technology consists of low cost, high gain integrated antennas that allow to dynamically changing their radiation characteristics in terms of radiation pattern shape and polarization state.
The antennas transformative behavior is controlled through proprietary algorithms to meet the most stringent requirements in WiFi and RFid industry.

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