A new approach..

Adant introduces a revolutionary class of antenna systems that improve wireless communications performance.

..for unprecedented wireless experiences

Get more from your digital products with Adant technology: flawless HD Audio/Video streaming, better WiFi coverage, fast and reliable RFID tag identification.

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  • A new generation of powerful
    and smart antenna systems

    Adant technology provides ultra-reliable, near-flawless wireless networking connections thanks to its highly integrated and reconfigurable antenna systems capable of steering the signal without power dispersion. Know more about our technology.

  • Enterprise networking

    Cut the number of access points while improving wireless connectivity.

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  • HD Video streaming

    No more wires, no flaw or image noise. Try a new video experience with Adant.

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  • Rfid Identification

    Stock more easily track goods, with Adant solution no item will be missed out.

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