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Adant WiFi Smart Antenna System

Adant reconfigurable antenna technology is the first of its kind to push the 802.11n features at their limits to provide ultra-reliable, near-flawless networking connections.

Compared to standard antennas that radiate the energy in a fixed direction, Adant WiFi Smart Antennas solution greatly improves wireless communication performance because each single radiation structure behaves as several antennas with different radiation properties. This patented technology consists of low cost, high gain integrated antennas that allow to dynamically changing their radiation characteristics, and sophisticated drivers that control the antennas transformative behavior to change radiation pattern shape and polarization state.

Adant solutions meet the most stringent requirements of today and future wireless communications and, at the same time, are completely compatible with earlier Wi-Fi technology.


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Compared to standard WiFi systems, Adant technology guarantees:

  • Faster download/upload speed (up to 5X improvement in download/upload speed)
  • Better wireless coverage (no wireless dead spots)
  • Less power consumption at fixed transfer data-rate (Up to 50% of power saved)
  • reduced number of antennas needed
  • cost and space saving solution

Adant RFId Smart Antenna System

Adant proprietary reconfigurable RFId system is the only to employ reconfigurable antennas to enhance the reading reliability and diminish the complexity and cost of standard UHF RFId setup.

Adant RFId Smart Antenna System improves RFId reading performance because it dynamically changes the antenna radiation characteristics so that the electromagnetic field can be “moved” in order to read also tags that receive faint signals with standard RFId systems (e.g. high number of tags in presence of liquid or metallic objects).

Adant reconfigurable antenna technology guarantees optimal exposure of the RFId tag to the reader electromagnetic field. This system can be easily integrated with current RFId readers to provide increased reading reliability system and can be applied to a variety of scenarios like supply chain, warehouse, manufacturing, retail, asset and people tracking and medical applications.


  • Logistic
  • Warehouse
  • Transportation
  • Asset and people tracking
  • Medical applications
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Compared to standard RFId system, Adant RFId technology offers:

  • increased reading reliability (up to 30%)
  • less number of antennas per reading site
  • cost saving solution
  • ease of installation
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