A revolutionary antenna system

Adant technology is revolutionary because it delivers unprecedent perfomance in wireless communications and RFId thanks to its proprietary system composed of smart antennas and smart drivers.

Smart Reconfigurable Antennas

We called our antenna “smart” because, compared to standard antennas that radiates the energy in a fixed direction, Adant antenna technology allows to dynamically changing the direction in which the energy is radiated and the state of polarization of the radiated field. This transformative behavior is achieved using a patented single compact antenna structure and employing metamaterial that embed active components (MEMS, FET, PIN diodes and variable capacitors) to dynamically changing the current distribution over the antenna metallization. Thus, the antenna radiation properties can be modified in terms of radiation shape and polarization.
This unique approach allows designing compact antennas with tunable radiation characteristics without the need of using multiple antennas with analog or digital phase shifters.

Adant innovative antenna technology allows designing radiating structures with:

  • high pattern and polarization reconfigurabililty (over 1000 different radiations pattern)
  • high gain for all the antenna configurations
  • good impedance matching for all the configurations
  • high decorrelation between the different antenna configurations
  • compact array form factor

Smart Antenna Drivers

Adant antennas are smart not only for their design but also for their drivers. We developed Smart Antenna Drivers in order to direct and maximize the antenna behavior in response to the wireless channel variability. These Drivers are based on proprietary algorithms that exploit the specific characteristics of the antenna to efficiently select the configuration of radiation pattern that guarantees optimal performance.
Thanks to its proprietary Smart Antenna Drivers the antennas' radiation pattern and polarization are continuously oriented such that, each WiFi device or each RFId tag will receive at any instant strong and optimal signal.
Adant revolutionary technology has been tailored to deliver unprecedented performance in wireless communications that adopt the MIMO technology and in RFId systems.


Adant's proprietary communication system is the only of its kind to use reconfigurable antennas in MIMO wireless devices in order to provide ultra-reliable, near-flawless networking connections.
People can move around with their laptops and smartphones without experiencing connection problems (no more video image flickering or poor download/upload speed) thanks to Adant adaptive antenna system that instantly maximizes and maintains the best possible radio channel.
While traditional antennas radiate the energy in a fixed direction, Adant Analog Beamforming allows a single antenna to act as several antennas with different radiation properties. This unique characteristic of Adant antenna technology allows using a complex adaptive antenna system on WiFi devices without increasing the antenna space occupation.
Most advanced wireless communications based on Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) systems take advantage of Dynamic Digital Beamforming to reliably transmit multiple data streams at high throughput. This technique requires several antennas and transceivers to generate a wireless channel strong enough for transmitting multiple data streams (typically 4 antennas and 4 transceivers are needed for 2 parallel data streams). Adant Analog Beamforming allows achieving better connectivity with lower DSP complexity while reducing the number of antennas and transceivers (only 2 antennas and 2 transceivers are needed for the transmission of 2 parallel data streams)

Compared to standard non reconfigurable antenna systems, Adant wireless technology offers:

  • Faster download/upload speed (up to 5X improvement in download/upload speed)
  • Better wireless coverage (no dead wireless spots)
  • Less power consumption at fixed transfer data-rate (up to 50% of power saved)
  • reduced number of antenna count and transceivers with respect to digital dynamic beamforming techniques

At the same time, Adant solution is completely compatible with earlier WiFi technology.


In case of high tag density, when tags are used with non compliant materials (liquid, metal), or when they are applied on goods that can't be moved, it is difficult to properly expose the tag to the radiated electromagnetic field.
Using Adant technology with standard UHF RFId reader, the direction in which the energy is radiated or the polarization of the radiated field is adaptively changed for reading also tags that receives faint signals with standard antenna systems. Polarization alignment between the reader’s antenna and the tag allows for maximum power transfer, while changing the direction of radiation allows exposing always the tag to the reader's electromagnetic field.

Compared to standard RFId system, Adant RFId technology offers:

  • increased reading reliability (up to 30%)
  • less number of antennas per reading site
  • ease of installation

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