Adant unveils , its low-cost line of Smart Antenna Products  

Adantoffers strong Interference Mitigation and significant network capacity improvement at an affordable cost.

Pleasanton, Feb 26th 2018.

Adant has introduced a new addition to its Smart Antenna portfolio of products. It’s called SMART and it is currently available in 2×2 and 4×4 format for the Enterprise Access Points (EAP) and residential gateway markets.

With respect to the existing SECT and STAR product lines, SMART is designed with low-cost in mind, and in fact it’s price is equivalent, in terms of BOM cost, to that of standard all-metal PIFA antennas.

Nonetheless SMART offers average network capacity improvements of 10-15% on average with peaks of up to 50% while at the same time providing strong interference noise mitigation.

In fact in the presence of interference from other Wi-Fi networks as well other electronics, SMART can increase the overall network capacity by up to 3X with respect to standard PIFA antennas.

But that’s not all. Thanks to   Adant’s SMART integration it is possible to develop a set of unique added-value software features, such as advanced wireless intruder detection, precise location services and many more, which Adant plans to roll-out in collaboration with its partners starting in Q2 this year.