Adant Smart Antenna technology proven results include solid coverage improvement (average 40% in areas where standard WLAN signal is weak), strong interference mitigation capabilities and collision reduction in typical large multi-client networks yielding to radically higher WLAN capacity (often order of magnitude improvement in presence of interference) with respect to typical wireless routers equipped with standard static internal or external antennas. Adant offers a much broad and differentiated catalogue of production-ready Smart Antenna products (both HW and SW optimized for the most popular Wi-Fi chipsets), covering the much different price/performance requirements of end products such as Enterprise Access Points (EAP), retail wireless routers and AP’s and telecom (MNO) and cable (MSO) carrier’s gateways. Adant has a proven history of working with OEM’s and ODM’s to integrate its optimized antenna systems into many different  resulting in the industry’s best Wi-Fi performance.


A growing number of WLAN vendors is offering MESH network solutions. The advantage of MESH network based WLAN’s is to offer whole home coverage with dynamic load allocation, thus always providing optimal connectivity everywhere in large floorplan buildings regardless of the actual location of the ADSL/fiber landing point and modem. This becomes extremely important for IoT and smart homes where appliances and sensors that are distributed across the entire building need to reliably connect to the WLAN. Another growing class of devices is the so-called “tri-band” routers, where two 5GHz radios (and optionally a legacy 2.4GHz radio) are collocated in the same housing; this is used both in EAP’s and retail AP’s to optimize data distribution to a large number of clients with diversified requirements in terms of data rate and QoS at a lesser cost. Both MESH network devices, which also make use of two 5GHz radios for backhauling and distribution and the tri-band wireless routers share the need of creating strong isolation between two 5GHz RF chains operating in close proximity.    Adant has developed a unique Super-Isolation antenna solution capable of providing >50dB of isolation between two MIMO antenna systems placed in close proximity form each other, thus relieving the need of inserting expensive and lossy hi-rejection LP/HP filters on each chain. Ultimately this allows to decrease MESH and tri-band system cost with better performance and more flexibility.

IOT and M2M 

The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing our world. Major drivers of IoT diffusion are: Smart City programs offering a variety of innovative services and applications (like e.g. metering, security, lighting, parking etc.); Smart Homes with connected appliances,  energy efficiency monitors and controls, industrial process control automation as well as large  residential buildings and office complex energy monitoring and optimization. Although many of these applications are characterized by low data-rate they are often mission critical and the system integrators must make sure that every device in the network always reliably connects to the gateways when needed.  Adant custom hi-performance designs can extend the range, decrease power consumption and save battery life. By maximizing signal quality and signal to noise ratio even in the harshest conditions.


Adant has developed an LTE Smart Antenna system that changes the economics of next-generation wireless networks by extending coverage and increasing throughput by up to 100 percent. Using Adant’s advanced beam-steering technology Adant LTE Smart Antenna dynamically adapts its radiation pattern in real time to increase the link quality and deliver the best signal propagation and reception for mobile and stationary applications, both indoor and outdoor, in industries such as M2M, first responders,agriculture, transportation and others.


Small WiFi base stations can significantly improve their performance by taking advantage of Adant’s technology. Adant sectorial smart antenna systems capable of dynamically changing the beam direction and beam width of the radiation pattern are the perfect choice to extend the coverage area and link reliability of small base stations.


Drone market is growing rapidly and every day new applications are developed, ranging from video surveillance and monitoring, to food and agriculture to sport and entertainment. Standard 802.11 Wi-Fi protocol is often used for remote control and HD video transmission. Range however is severely impacted by interference especially in urban environments. Adant is offering smart antenna systems for drone that allows for fast control of the antenna radiation patterns in order to mitigate interference and extend range.


Laptop connectivity is problematic because of the tight space and mechanical constraints that are typical of notebook designs. This is even more true for metal case notebook that are increasingly popular today, but the very metal lid that makes their appearance so sleek and trendy represents a hard blockage for the radio waves. Adant owns a unique technology and antenna IP that can strongly improve coverage and throughput especially for metal case notebooks.  Thanks to Adant compact antenna system, pc manufacturer can get coverage and throughput without compromising on cute.


Adant re-configurable antenna technology’s benefits have been successfully demonstrated  into a variety of RFID system applications, like for example supply chain, warehouse, manufacturing, retail, asset, people and critical asset tracking for industrial and  medical applications. Adant has been selling its smart RFID antenna for mission critical (e.g. medical) applications since 2012 thanks to its much superior (often 100%) RFId tag reading reliability in harsh environments, while also providing ease of installation.