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Adant’s PoInT WiFi geo-localize with sub-meter accuracy WiFi based devices. The solution uses advanced algorithms to resolve Angle of Arrival (AoA) and Time of Flight (ToF) precisely to enable RTLS solutions with best possible accuracy and minimum capex. Solution is suitable to enable precise tracking of WiFi devices by leveraging on existing WiFi infostructure.

Adant PoInT WiFi Architecture

Adant PoInt WiFi local driver

Adant local driver is an application layer module that precisely resolve the AoA and ToF of the signal received from each WiFi device connected to the AP and pass the information through MQTT to Adant location engine

Adant PoInt WiFi local driver - adant.com

Adant PoInt WiFi Location Engine

Elaborate through advanced algorithms the accurate position of every WiFi device connected to the WiFi router

API interface for seamless integration with other systems

Run on a local server (edge)

Adant PoInT WiFi Software Platform

Composed of a database and web interface

Used to store all information related to the WiFi tags location and to configure the system for installation. 

Available in cloud or for local installation.

Dedicated API available to interface the software platform with third parties CRM systems.

Location SW Platform dant.com

Comparable Technologies

RSSI based

RSSI based
Precision      1⁠-⁠2 m          5⁠-⁠10 m         5⁠-⁠10 m         <0.5 m    
Dedicated Tag    No  
Dedicated Anchor    No  
Locators density
(# per 100 sq m)
~1 ~5 ~3 ~3

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