Custom antenna design

Adant has an impressive track record of solving the hardest to crack RF design puzzles. We are recognized for our creativity and dedication and as leading providers of high performance and high quality innovative technologies for the design of antenna solutions of any kind.  From WiFi, to bluetooth, from LTE to RFiD no design problem is too small or too big for us, including applications such as access points, smart watches, smart metering, IoT, automotive, drones and many others. Adant designers understand all the key aspects of wireless connectivity and will come up with a working custom solution to address any Client’s specs and application.


Wireless Performance validation services

We have a deep experience in validating the performance of wireless systems for 802.11 and cellular/LTE based devices. Measuring and characterizing differences between alternative RF design implementations that are often shadowed by random variation of the wireless environment is a very complex task. We understand the complexity of testing such small differences in realistic environments and have developed proprietary statistical methodologies and the required facilities to run comprehensive OTA benchmark tests to optimally evaluate the performance of devices such as wireless routers, outdoor base stations, notebooks, dongles, etc.

Our highly qualified RF performance test team has a profound experience in debugging and characterizing the impact of the key wireless device’s design variables, thus providing very valuable input for design optimization and fast problem solving.