sMART-2 — BoM cost neutral Smart Antenna System by Adant

Adant Technologies Inc. has announced the release of sMART-2, a new Smart Antenna line of products that is BoM cost neutral with respect to passive antenna systems yet it is capable of providing strong performance improvement to any wireless device when driven by Adant’s patented beamshaping™ drivers.


sMART-2 is extremely simple to integrate in the hosting device. It uses standard passive antennas and only an additional IC component provided by Adant that needs to be added to the PCB of the wireless device. The system does not require extra space with respect to standard passive antenna systems and by dynamically changing the shape of the antenna radiation is capable of providing superior performance in many domains such as for example:


– Enhanced network capacity: 30% average communication speed/throughput (Mbps) improvement with peaks of 4-5 X

– Full wireless coverage: the system is capable of uniformly covering a spherical area around the wireless device with an almost constant radio link strength, which translates in the absence of blind spots that are common with passive antenna systems.

– Strong resilience to interference:; in other words, the smart antenna is capable of reacting to interference coming from other wireless devices that causes temporary strong signal degradation by steering the RF signal away from interference thus restoring proper communication speed


Adant Technologies Inc. is the market leader in the design, development and commercialization of smart-antenna systems for Wi-Fi, 4G/5G, BLE and RFID wireless communication devices.


For the past five years Adant has integrated and sold its smart antenna systems primarily into commercial high-end wireless networking equipment devices for the B2B market, however cost and integration complexity have prevented widespread adoption in the Consumer segments, including home gateways and mesh devices.


With the development of its sMART-2 line of products, Adant smart antenna technology is now extremely attractive for telecom operators, ODM and retail wireless equipment vendors, as they can develop smart antenna ready hardware without adding BoM cost, PCB area or complexity to their devices, yet they can offer the superior capabilities that come with it at any time, even remotely by activating the pre-loaded Adant’s beamshaping™ driver.


About Adant Technologies

Adant is the world’s leading provider of smart antenna and RF solutions, delivering unprecedented level of performance and user experience to best in class wireless and IoT companies worldwide.. With nine world-class design, Headquartered in Pleasanton (CA) with its engineering and test offices in Padova, Italy and customer support/manufacturing in Taiwan (RoC) Adant provides high end levels of technical and sales support to its customers around the world.