Adant sMART-4 mesh is a unique smart antenna solution designed to reduce cost and energy consumption of mesh Wi-Fi networks while at the same time achieving top-notch performance results.

The system is available as a complete hardware and driver solution that can be easily integrated in WiFi mesh devices.

sMART-4-Mesh – How it works

Mesh WiFi systems were introduced with the promise of eliminating dead zones and ensuring a seamless WiFi experience, providing network devices with faster speeds, wider coverage, and a more dependable connection.

However, all too often fall short of this promise, leaving us frequently needing to invest in additional devices and precisely arranging them within close proximity to one another.

To better understand why this happens it is important to understand how a mesh network works and the crucial role played by the “backhaul link”.

The backhaul link in a mesh network refers to the connection between individual nodes within the network and the primary gateway or router. It serves as the backbone of the network, carrying data between nodes and facilitating communication with the main access point. This link is crucial because it determines the overall performance and reliability of the mesh network. A robust backhaul link ensures seamless connectivity, efficient data transmission, and minimal latency, thereby enhancing the network’s coverage and stability.

Improved mesh

The main goal of Adant sMART-4-mesh is to create a stronger backhaul link thus facilitating installation, reducing the number of nodes required to achieve full home coverage and enhancing the overall throughput available to all connected clients.

sMART-4-Mesh threefold benefit

Lower Power, Lower costs !

Adant sMART-4-mesh boosts mesh devices operating in low power indoor (LPI) mode to achieve on average coverage comparable to that of mesh device with standard power mode at a fraction of the cost!

Easy to install, great coverage !

For mesh devices operating in standard power (SP) mode Adant sMART-4-mesh further enhances coverage greatly facilitating installation for the end user.

Because sMart-4-Mesh offers on average 6dB (i.e. 4 times) better coverage  with respect to passive antennas*, positioning by the end user of the network’s devices has very little impact on the system’s ability to adapt to its surroundings.

Less energy, great performance!

Adant sMART-4-mesh allows saving power while achieving same performance of a regular mesh node with standard passive antenna solution -> eco-friendly

To know more about the benefits and how these are achieved check out the whitepaper.

* when used on both master and child mesh nodes

sMART-4 Mesh – System architecture

sMart-4-Mesh is simple to integrate!

It combines Adant’s sMART-2 smart antenna with a machine learning software algorithm specifically dedicated to optimize the backhaul link of mesh networks
It works with multiple types of antennas and the control drivers are compatible with any WiFi chipset.

Simple to integrate

sMART-4 Mesh – Looking at the numbers

Here is some data collected at one of our testhouses and in our anechoic chambers for OTA tests

Testhouse Wi-Fi OTA

Test Setup

DUT: WiFi7 mesh node with regular passive antennas and with Adant sMART-4-mesh

Channel: 33 at 6 GHz
Bandwidth 320 MHz

8 rooms
340 sq. meters.
Two levels
Concrete walls
Pristine Wi-Fi spectrums free of interference

Test Results

Throughput gain greater than 63% across all locations for 50% of master/child nodes’ orientations

Laboratory – Rate vs Range

Test Setup

DUT: WiFi7 mesh node with regular passive antennas and with Adant sMART-4-mesh

Channel: 33 at 6 GHz
Bandwidth 320 MHz

Two shielded and anechoic boxes connected through variable attenuator to emulate distance between the mesh nodes

Test Results

sMART-4-mesh benefit is on average 5-6 dB with respect to standard solutions

Contact us if you want to know more about Adant sMART-4-Mesh.