Adant sMART-5G is a unique low cost smart antenna system that simplifies installation of 5G CPEs while reducing the need for external antennas.

The system is available as a complete hardware and driver solution to integrate in 5G CPEs

sMART-5G System architecture

The system is simple to integrate and composed of three main items

  • Multiband antennas
  • ICs for antenna pattern selection
  • Drivers for antenna pattern optimization

sMART-5G Multiband antennas and IC

Include PCB or metal stamp antennas properly embedded in the target CPE together with integrated circuites (ICs) mounted on the CPE main PCB that allow to select and combine the radiation patterns of the different radiating elements.

The antenna system allows achieving isotropic coverage for each RF chain of the router covering all in coverage typically left by passive antennas.

sMART-5G antenna drivers

Select the optimal antenna combination out of the N available to use at a given instance in time to establish the optimal link between the CPE and the cellular tower

Available as an application to load on the CPE main CPU

Smart Antenna -
sMART 5G antenna drivers -

Main features are the followings:

  • antenna configuration is optimized in both TX and RX mode to maximize the link quality with the cellular tower
  • support carrier aggregation
  • antenna configuration is selected to minimize also the interference seen by the CPE

sMART-5G Key Benefits

  • Improved received signal strength
    • On average 3dB higher RSRP, with peaks of 10 dB, with respect to CPEs with passive embedded antennas
sMART-5G - Key Benefits RSRP -
  • Set it and forget it
    • Received signal strength from the cellular tower is independent from the orientation of the CPE

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