Adant has applied its unique smart antenna technology to enable deep-sub-meter location capabilities for both WiFi and BLE based IoT gateways and beacons. Adant offers its patented solution to IoT developers and system integrators to achieve best performance at lower costs than other equivalent location systems on the market.

Multi-path and deep fading

When a radio signal is sent from the transmitter to the receiver it bounces back (i.e. is reflected and diffracted) multiple times on the surrounding walls and obstacles, thus creating multiple replicas at the receiver of the original signal with different amplitude and phase.

This significantly complicates the task of determining the Angle-Of-Arrival (AoA) and Time-Of-Flight (TOF) of radio signals which is the key to accurate estimation of position.

Furthermore, these multiple copies of the original signal often end up interfering with each other, thus causing the effect known as “deep-fading” i.e. time/space dependent cancellation of signal.

Adant smart antenna technology strongly reduces the impact of multi-path and deep-fading effect by creating multiple different radiation patterns with each single antenna element and using its sophisticated machine-learning algorithms to improve the AoA/ToF estimation.



Lowest Capex/Coo Location Service With Deep Sub-Meter Capabilities

By using its unique, advanced smart antenna technology, Adant deep-sub-meter location technology not only defeats multi-path and deep-fading effects but also extends the range of signals and strongly improves 3D coverage. Intuitively, it’s like having multiple gateways/beacons in one single compact case, each focusing on a particular region of the space to be tracked.

Deep-sub-meter precision can thus be obtained with as few as one or two beacons where other systems would require four or more of them.

For IoT system developers and system integrators this translates into lower system capex cost and lower cost of ownership (installation & maintenance) at same or better precision and coverage performance


Adant offers a complete platform for building a powerful Real-time Locating System (RTLS) composed of the following main building blocks:

  • Smart antenna reference designs to be integrated with the WiFi/BLE locator
  • Drivers to be loaded on the WiFi/BLE beacon to control the smart antenna
  • Software package that extracts the coordinate system of WiFi and BLE tags.

Adant also provides complete BLE/WiFi locators ready for deployment and works closely with the system developer and integrator for the customization of the location solution.

Examples of WiFi/BLE beacons with embedded Adant’s location solution.