Adant has applied its unique smart antenna technology to dramatically enhance RF based motion detection. Adant offers its patented solution to IoT developers and system integrators to achieve best performance at lower costs than other equivalent motion detection systems on the market.


Unlike other sensors that use light or heat, WiFi motion uses wireless radio frequency (RF) signals to detect motion in an environment.

When one or more inter-communicating radios are present in an indoor environment the physical space is filled with electro-magnetic (EM) waves. The EM field at equilibrium is perturbed by moving bodies because they absorb, reflect and refract the EM waves. Although it is basically impossible to compute the exact impact of these changes, it is possible to statistically determine the size, shape and direction of the moving objects that caused those perturbations by observing the variation of the RF signals from multiple viewpoints. In a way this is similar to how our brain continuously collects light bouncing off objects to determine their presence and movement in space.

Pushing further this similarity, it is possible to train an artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm by exposing it to a large amount of data to make it capable of distinguishing more and more precisely the presence and the movements of objects in space from RF field perturbation like our brain has been trained by evolution to do.

It is intuitive that the quality of motion detection engines  improves dramatically when they are exposed to richer (i.e. larger and statistically diversified) training data-sets.


Adant motion detection software  requires at least one network device (IoT gateway, Access Point, mesh node etc.) equipped with Adant’s smart antenna system. The motion detection system utilizes the different radiation modes of the smart antenna to produce many different realizations of the EM field in an indoor environment for both training and evaluation of its advanced AI algorithms to detect motion.

By doing so it’s effectively like taking multiple “snapshots” at the sequence of field perturbation produced by the motion of objects over time, thus multiplying the number of data point  available for the motion detection algorithm to assess movement. In a way it is like multiplying the number of antennas used by the network gateway without actually adding additional hardware. This translates in much higher accuracy in detecting motion with respect to other systems.


Adant offers a complete platform for building a powerful RF motion detection system composed of the following main building blocks:

  • Smart antenna reference designs to be integrated with the WiFi devices such as access gateways, IoT devices and mesh nodes.
  • Drivers to be loaded on any WiFi device to control the smart antenna
  • Software package that detects motion.

Adant also works closely with the system developer and integrator for the customization of the motion detection solution.


Adant’s RF motion technology can enable applications like:

  • Security: detect intruders in the property and get immediate notifications
  • Remote monitoring: Receive notifications of where/when movement occurs in the environment (elderly people support, kids presence at home, etc)
  • Energy management: control lights, thermostat and any appliance in the environment based on the motion detected
  • Safety monitoring: notify motion in non authorized areas