Adant STAR is a unique smart antenna system conceived for small medium business (SMB), multi dwelling units (MDU) and enterprise networks. Key benefits are

  • Interference between APs and other sources is significantly reduced – up to 2X in performance improvement
  • Coverage is extended – 20% improvement on average
  • Better throughput for all clients on the network – 30% average benefit

The system is available as a complete hardware and driver solution to integrate in WiFi routers and mesh nodes.

STAR System architecture

The system is simple to integrate and composed of two main items

  • STAR antenna board
  • Drivers for antenna pattern optimization

STAR antenna

Beam-switching antenna system capable of radiating with an omnidirectional radiation pattern and several different directional beams.

More than 10 dB of front to back ratio when in directional mode.

Ideal for wall and ceiling mounted routers.

Easy to integrate.

Vertical and horizontal polarization.

Gain up to 9 dBi.

STAR - Examples of STAR Antenna -

Examples of STAR antennas

STAR Antenna Drivers

Select the optimal antenna combination out of the N available to use at a given instance in time for all users connected and active on the network. Optimization is done for each client connected and active on the network to maximize throughput while reducing interference.

Available as an application or as a module to compile together with WiFi drivers.

Smart Antenna -
sMART 5G antenna drivers -

Main features are the followings:

  • Training TX/RX
    • antenna configuration is optimized in both TX and RX mode
  • Training with active packets
    • usage of null packets for training when needed to speed up training sequence
  • Support DBF, MU-MIMO and OFDMA transmission schemes
    • antenna configuration is selected to optimize performance also with DBF, MU-MIMO and OFDMA active
  • Interference mitigation
    • Antenna configuration is selected to minimize the interference seen by the router
  • Adaptive training
    • frequency of training and configurations explored are adaptively changed depending on the environment/number of clients connected

STAR Key Benefits

  • Enhanced coverage
    • Antenna gain is optimized in every direction around the router to extend coverage with respect to routers with passive antennas
  • Improved throughput across the network
    • Every device enjoys on average 30% throughput increase at mid/low RSSI with 10X peaks
  • Interference mitigation
    • Up to 8 dB interference mitigation with significant boost in network capacity and ease of routers’ deployment

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